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Because leaving some things up in the air doesn't always turn out so well...

If you are completely confused about wedding day timelines, wedding photography coverage needs and just don't know where to start, you've come to the right place!  Allow me to start by posing some questions for you to consider, before I dive into giving you samples of timelines that have worked in the past.

distance between reception & ceremony locations?

Is a 'first Look' an option for you?

There are many things that I love about a first look and you can read about them here, but not one of those reasons is because it could possibly save time in your timeline, However, it is possible to cut down time by getting all of the "formal photos" done before the ceremony so that you can move straight into the celebration!



how many family photos will you need?


Consider the distance from the ceremony location to the reception location, and any "must have" photo locations. Add some buffer time for traffic, construction (when applicable) and your limo or party bus (if you are having one - they tend to take a teeny bit longer as they are slower and harder to find parking for).  

How long will the ceremony take?


How many family photos will you need?  Will you require just a few photos with big groupings, or lots of photos with smaller groupings?  We are happy to make sure you have all of the combinations you want! When a location close to the ceremony location is used and a shot list in place, these photos can take 1 to 2 minutes per shot.

Sometimes couples ask what does a "normal" wedding day look like.  My response is always "it's your day to do however you want".  I know that this can be both overwhelming and exciting!  While there is no way to possibly include all of the special circumstances of each wedding day, here are a couple of sample timelines from actual wedding days to help get you started with your own wedding photography timeline:

Couples often book their photographer before all of the wedding ceremony details have been hashed out.  I've seen ceremony last from 15 minutes to a couple of hours (with the exception of Indian Wedding ceremonies - which require completely different considerations for timelines that span over several days). It's important to get a sense for how long your ceremony will take.

Remember, there is no right or wrong way to do this. These are just ideas to get you to start thinking about scenarios that may or may not apply to your wedding day. I hope this helps get your own wedding day planning started!

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